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Our Community

From the beginning of the Jesus Saves journey it has always been people that are the most important part of our story, from our competitors on the race track to our followers and partners, the team offers a warm welcome to all our guests. 

We are more than just a racing team, we believe community is an essential part of life to find support and encouragement. Following the example of Jesus to love and serve the world around us is foremost alongside our passion for motorsport.

To find out more please get in touch or join us through one of the options below.

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Meet The Drivers

Our team currently runs two Classic Formula Ford 1600 cars, both of which are representative of the cars run by the team in period. A 1979 Royale and a 1980 Van Diemen. Driving duties are shared by James Rigby and Rupert Howe. Find out more about our drivers below!

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James Rigby

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Rupert Howe

Get Involved

Join us online, on track and in our mission.

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Follow all the latest news from the team and updates from the track!

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On Track

Race events calendar and guest information.

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In Mission

Church partnerships, outreach events, team supporters and more!

Our Team Partners

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Dedicated to developing evangelistic resources and supporting ministry and mission all over the world.

9Fruits Services

Red Water Images

Dedicated to strengthening the online image, community reach and technical capability of our Church in an all changing world.

Motorsport photographer who has also been known to shoot slower moving subjects.

Your Name

Become a team partner with Jesus Saves Racing and join our mission in motorsport.

Jesus Saves Racing is a charity registered in England and Wales (Charity No: 1205006) 
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